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1. I don't wear a standard size. Is there nothing for me?

For the tops it depends on the model. The wide cut 3/4 sleeve shirt for example offers more space in the belly area.

2. What is the difference to buying clothes in stores? I don't quite see the point.

Bought clothes in the same price segment were sewn in Asia by poorly paid workers under often unknown conditions. We have the fabric cut out in Europe. You then sew the garment yourself so that this production is fair.

3. Who cuts the fabric?

Standard sizes are cut by machine. Smaller orders in Switzerland, larger ones in France and Portugal. Made to measure skirts are cut by hand at Alta Saint Gall in St. Gallen.

4. The offer is very small. Are you planning further sewing packages?

At the moment the offer is still very small because we are a start-up and are still collecting ideas and suggestions for further Tailor boxes. If you have a specific wish, don’t forget to let us know!

5. Do you pay attention with patterned fabrics where exactly e.g. big flowers etc. are on it? If they are placed poorly, it looks terrible.

We don’t have any fabrics with large patterns all over the surface, so that something like this can’t happen.

6. I want to be creative. Then isn't Tailor Box the wrong thing for me?

You can also be creative when sewing with Tailor Box. You can add your own fabric pieces to the ones you get in the box (for example ruffles, bags etc…). You can also replace parts with your own if you want (a pattern is included).

7. Do you also offer a cutting service for my own patterns?

Unfortunately not.